Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Penchant for Pencey

So I'm really into that Coral/Apricot/Somewhere Between Pink and Orange shade. I blame the unseasonable high range of 50F - 60F we've had this week that makes me hunt down colors I usually won't give a second look. Check it. Flowy, silky, summery and tailored romper by a NY based brand I just discovered called Pencey:

It's cute but not too precious. I'm not a fan of the booties, but another cream-colored architectural shoe or ankle boot would be lovely. Delicate gold chains and a light breeze would also be good accessories.

This color below is called "Ocean," but I think it's really a Baby Blue in a darker, dustier hue. It's another Pencey find and would look great with a sheer coral-colored tee.

I was initially repulsed by this crust punk detail on a pair of $241 shorts, but I's kind of...pretty!

Both are from Shopbop, but the Pencey website has lookbooks with many covet-able pieces.