Thursday, February 19, 2009

Jonathan B. Johnson & BYLU

A few months ago Bobby asked Logan to DJ a jewelry show at Reversible Eye. The whole thing sounded weird until we saw German jeweler Jonathan B. Johnson's work.

This necklace, a cube of quartz inside of a silver dodecahedron, is not done justice in this pic I swapped from his Myspace page.
I am more of a passive observer than purchaser usually, but I couldn't bear to ask how much it costs for fear of purchasing it! His designs go from odd to organic yet restrained and refined.

Also in love with this hair accessory:

I was reminded of JBJ's work when I saw these rings designed by Dana Chin and Ken Leung (BYLU) for Geren Ford's Fall/Winter 09 collection at NYC Fashion Week.

Another covet worthy organic yet structured piece that is probably the most attainable:
Hair by Eugene Souleiman for Donna Karen via W

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