Thursday, February 19, 2009

F/W 2009 Picks

It's pretty slow at work today so I'm pretending to be a fashion blogger and posting some of the looks I liked from the F/W 2009 shows. Everyone in the blog world is busy stroking Wang so I'm going to lay off of that show and take a look at some other lines. I liked Alexander Wang's show but I can sum it up by saying the 90's are still in.

Karen Walker, VPL, VPL

The 70's Karen Walker shirt isn't doing much for me but the skirt reminds me of a cuttlefish, which I like. VPL's white zip-up top looks incredibly comfortable and would make for some fun layering. Speaking of layering, could you come up with any practical layering uses for this one legged leotard? I can't but I would like to wear it to the gym, paired with that sculptural jewelry.

all 3.1 Philip Lim

Philip Lim sent some stunners down the runway this season! I love the varied textures, especially that fluffy skirt on the end. I'm just going to hope/pretend it's not made out of any dead animals.

Proenza Schouler, 3.1 Philip Lim, Proenza Schouler

Proenza Schouler was all about the jewel toned, space-age, brocade stewardess look and I am always drawn to anything even mildly cyborgian. The middle look from Philip Lim uses, from what I can see, burnouts, which seem to be popular right now.

Karen Walker, Karen Walker, VPL

I love everything in this first look and wish I could live in this outfit because it manages to look stylish without trying too hard. The middle look has the same shoulder shapes as the 70's floral blouse but this black dress with this print is so much better. The hat reminds me too much of something a 2 year old in bloomers would wear so I'll pass on that. I neeeed this VPL coat, it fits perfectly into my fetish for that space-age look. It might also remind me vaguely of cuttlefish.

United Bamboo, United Bamboo, Jonathan Saunders

Sheers dominated the runways, used in burnouts, cut-outs, trout-outs, outhouses, gout. Some evoked ice skating outfits elevated to glamorous highs like in Preen's show but United Bamboo paired super sheer tops with boxy grays to great effect. Some of the sheer layers in this dress by Jonathan Saunders are printed with the same design as the material underneath and the whole thing is blowing my mind.

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