Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Continuing with my search for Coral/Apricot/Somewhere Between Pink and Orange shades...

Alexander Wang dress from eLuxury. $485. I'm sure it fits and drapes beautifully with the viscose/nylon/elastane blend, but I don't think I'd be missing much if I went with a $30 American Apparel dress. AA doesn't have a dress in that great shade, though. They do have this cute skirt:

I wish it was a more subdued "Salmon" color, as they call it, but repeated washing and drying will probably fade it to my liking. The obvious caveat is that it's only 15 inches of flared denim. I imagine my bare thighs sticking to the seat of my chair on hot summer days because I can't tuck the fabric under my butt.

It's technically pink, but I like backpacks. And it converts to a purse for those occasions I don't want to look like I just got out of class. It's from UO.

Only chambray can create the soft blue drape that goes well with Coral/Apricot/Salmon/Somewhere Between Pink and Orange. This pant is from Pixie Market.

I shall finish things with another random Pencey find. Pretty!

From StandardStyle

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