Thursday, October 30, 2008

Whether Weather Appropriate

We're getting ready to move to a warmer climate, so I'm trying to stay away from purchasing anything wool or boot-like these days... Although it's tempting since the weather dropped down to the 40's suddenly! I've also been working on pairing down my closet to essentials that are more well-made and an investment in the long run. In my mind, there are several categories in which the essentials are grouped: 1)tops/blouses, 2)dresses, 3)skirts/shorts/pants and 4)rompers (aka jumpsuits or overalls). Today, I will cover 1 and 2.


Joie Moonlight Night Top via S Sense $59 on sale

Valentino Red's Bow Tie Blouse via S Sense $277 on sale

The only non-monetary issue I have with the two tops above is that they are SO white. Off-whites, like ivory, seem to compliment yellow-inclined skin tones so much better. I would also like to see more champagne colored tops, please! Thanks.

The following Victoria's Secret blouses have also struck my fancy:

I like this blouse because, even though it has long sleeves, it is silk, which means it will probably breath well in a hot climate... I'm just guessing this though because I want it!

Pleated Silk Blouse, $58
preferably in Winter White or Black (no pictures available)

Silk Chiffon Plunge-Back Blouse, $48
in Pearl Pink or Black, I think both are adorable!

Silk Charmeuse Plunge-Back Top, $58
in Aluminum or Black (there is no front view for this top, how dumb!)

In other top news, reminiscent of Rebecca Turbow's 2004 and 2005 color scheme:

Madison Marcus Cowl Neck Top via Basic Boutique, $182 on sale

Last but not least, Heidi Merrick's Ayumi Blouse:

I think the above tops are pretty wearable in a professional or non-professional setting... but what do I know! I could probably get away with wearing jammies at work.

2) Dresses

Sea Sweetheart Button Down Dress via Basic Boutique, $184.50 on sale
(not really worth the price to me, but a solid
running-out-the-door-and-need-to-be-dressed candidate)

Another Sea dress available via Basic Boutique, $207 on sale
(A little too cutesy, but I think it would go over well in Thailand
Oh, and check that out! Totally an off-white.)

Tony Cohen Dress via Basic Boutique, $264.60 on sale
(I think I like this mainly because the fabric looks super soft. Easy to please!)

Rudsak Everything Dress via Le Train Bleu, $69.30 on sale

While the final dress falls in the bright, too white category, it has a no muss, no fuss look and feel perfect for a traveler or lazy dresser (me!)... and it's 100% cotton, so I'm sure it would take to being dyed a couple of shades darker (a Tide to go pen can only do so much!).


Abigayle said...

Wow..! These dresses are looking awesome. Want to see them in my closet.

spiraljetty said...

You really are living up to the name of this blog by doing some serious looking-but-not-buying!