Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Walter & Christopher Kane

A couple summers ago, I was visiting Melissa in New York before she moved, and we stumbled upon a little shop in the East Village selling loads of Walter dresses, skirts, blouses, etc. It was some kind of consignment shop that was selling the samples from the line (I had never heard of at that point). I bought a cheap dress that I never wear, and Melmo bought a really cute skirt (plaid taffeta?).

Fast forward to this skirt:

Found on Couture Candy, I lusted and coveted over this for a good month before I finally decided to buy it. Alas! It was not meant to be. I received an e-mail three days later saying they are out of stock and would not be receiving more unless someone returns one that happens to be my size... and I happen to be checking their site at the same time.

A fervent Google search pulled a dress similar to the style of the skirt:
$159.99 via

While about the same price as the skirt, it does not give me that same heart palpitating urge to spend beyond my means. Oh, well! It's probably better off this way.

UPDATE: Final Sale Walter Skirt + Sheer Blouse, both SOLD OUT!

On to continuing to envy of what is not meant to be....
Christopher Kane via Refinery 29

Selections from his Spring '09 show via

In conclusion, I would like to state: Christopher Kane! How dare you take advantage of my love of ruffles!

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