Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Hot Tub: Yes or No

on the questionable route.... my boss bought this tub the other day: The picture doesn't do the size justice. This thing is MASSIVE. As in, punch a hole through your kid's finished, painted room because it can't make the corner! It also came with a questionably translated-from-Chinese installation manual.

Let's take a closer look:
(If you asked yourself, "Is that fake wood paneling and a key pad to control the jets?" then you are correct!)

Anyway, this got me thinking of what my ideal shower/bath would be if I had my own place or lived in an apartment with a bathroom big enough for a sink that does not overlap the tub... Oh, and thousands and thousands of dollars!

classic clawfoot

I know Betty is a fan of the Japanese ofuro style tub, so here's a little eye candy:
classic wood version

updated a bit with some tile

And last but not least! The Farnsworth of tubs:

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