Monday, January 28, 2008

Lounge me

I have recently initiated a search for the perfect lounge chair and I can't help but jump on the mid-century bandwagon and pick this as my dream chair:

The Saarinen Womb Chair is beautiful in its gently curving form and though I have yet to sit in one, I am going to guess that it is incredibly comfortable. It looks like the kind of chair that is cozy enough to snuggle up in with a blanket and a book but it's not so cushy that it will suck you in and make getting up a mini struggle.

It comes in an array of colors and a few different fabrics, depending on the retailer. The Womb Chair is definitely a bank-breaker but it will certainly have a high resale value if for some reason you change your mind after purchasing one.

Find the Saarinen Womb Chair at hivemodern and Design Within Reach, among other places.
Photo from Design Within Reach.

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Miss Betty said...

I have a Design Within Reach catalog that I like to reach white taking a piping hot's Covet Central! Expensive but a good investment indeed...although I call everything expensive a "good investment".