Monday, November 12, 2007

Solar Flare

It all began with the Flip-Flap: What?! A plant I can't kill even if I really, really tried?

Then it was the *Kotori Dayori:
*The only qualm I have with my little, solar-powered bird friend is that he's lost his chirp chirp ability after less than a year.

This year's solar pick-me-up friend goes to SUCK UK's sun jar:
The solar powered LED emits a soft, complexion complementing glow. During the day, you can leave it on your windowsill to soak up a charge.

Flip-Flap mini's: $19 via
Regular Flip-Flaps: $29.95 via Toys N Joys
Kotori Dayori: $24.95 via Toys N Joys
Sun Jar: $48 via Greener Grass Design

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