Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Chie Mihara

I have been on a bit of a cheap shoe buying spree online but while I am filling e-carts and e-baskets full of footwear that is very likely to cut up my feet and smell like they came straight from the hands of a Chinese sweatshop worker, I know that what I really want is a pair of Chie Miharas.

I can try and try but I will never fill the quality Spanish shoe void with flimsy and cheaply made Chinese numbers. Look at these Chie Mihara beauties and tell me they do not create a similar void in your life. Even her handbags are lovely and I am not a handbag kind of girl.

There's an obvious prevalence of t-straps and ankle straps in the selection below because I've had a mild obsession with both of those shoe styles for the past few months, so bear with me.

Now, I just need to stop spending on these discount shoes and save up for a pair of these babies. Then that aforementioned void can be relocated to my wallet.

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