Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Back in Covet City

Full-priced items at Urban Outfitters that I've put in my wishlist so I can buy when they go on sale, or when my future sister-in-law tells me about a friends and family discount:

BDG Knit Pull On Short, $38

Cheap Monday Polka Dot Tight Jean, $70. Looks like a bag of Wonder Bread, which is not what you should be eating if you want to squeeze into these babies. Refined carbs will go to your thighs and make those dots stretch out! Ok, I just convinced myself to not actually buy them but just covet them from a distance.

Cheap Monday Sofie Zipper Dress, $65
That's a high slit for a "dress" right there. It's more of a long nylon anorak, but a nice color and simple design overall.

And on to fantasyland, the Olsen twins are making nice clothes and lookbooks for their Elizabeth & James line. These are screenshots because I'm too slow to figure out how to get a link from a Flash site. Click for larger views.


~The End~

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