Thursday, March 12, 2009

Kate Cusack

Designers have not tired of going medieval on us by studding everything in sight and piling chains and links on models as long as they can still walk in them. And those damn zippers...I should be sick of them but I am not. They look sporty and casual when used sparingly and placed thoughtfully...and I won't forget the obligatory "aaaand they're functional!" These jewelry pieces are none of those things.

But they're so cool! They're costume jewelry with metal teeth in place of huge sparkly stones. These lovelies are by Kate Cusack, who also works on costume design and sculptural/wearable art. She also has an Etsy page. I would like to commission Kate to make me a necklace of many sweeping lines like the second one from top, but I want zipper teeth made of Swarovski crystals. Can someone make that happen???


Mia said...

They do make zippers with rhinestone teeth so your request is not completely out of the question.

spiraljetty said...

Interesting! Although I imagined they would look...classier.

Suparna said...

very interesting items.