Thursday, July 26, 2007

On Shoes

Whenever I get into a splurging frenzy, I try to at least purchase on principle. I don't always put forethought into my purchasing, but there are several factors of a business that can easily win me over.
1) Fair Trade/Eco-friendliness level
2) Woman or minority owned businesses
3) Handmade goods and/or Small Businesses

80%20 and Keep Company are two shoe brands that are women and minority owned/operated. Both companies focus on style and comfort, and if you wait around long enough, you're bound to run into a sale. Recently 80%20 had a wonderful sample sale in their NYC based studio space. Sample shoes sold for $20. Much of the aesthetics are reminiscent of Vans slip-ons and the classic Sperry topsider boating shoes.

Okay, now for the pretty shoe parade!

*Comfort Level: Medium/High

*Comfort Level: Low

*Comfort Level: Extremely High

*Comfort Level: Unknown

*Comfort Level: Extremely High

Keep currently has a limited selection of shoes on sale.

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