Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I don't mind posting a $1,450 bag since no matter how much I want it, I will never ever have a moment of weakness and actual buy it. And even if I did, I could never use it because I would tremble uncontrollably at the thought of getting it scuffed or stolen.

Celine 'Watch Me Gauffre' shoulder bag via Net-a-Porter

I saw it a while back and thought the texture was wool bouclé or something similar, but behold! It's actually waffle-y squares of leather! Xtra large image for some in-your-face texture...I can pretend they're cherry-flavored candy pieces with a chewy center.

And now for something affordable...

I guess designers the world over have loved this calendar for many decades. What font is that, Helvetica? And yes, it is indeed 3' x 4', and $30 from Unica Home. They have a little gallery of submitted photos with stuff on it to show scale, Stuff On My Cat style. They're all babies or cats.